BMQ YouTube Series – Ep. 31: Virtual Trunk Show #19

You may have noticed the previous post is a much longer video about this same quilt. That video takes you through the process of making this quilt from beginning to end. But I wanted to provide a virtual trunk show version for those of you who don’t want to sit through a 40-minute video. You’re welcome! 😁 This quilt is called Patchwork Memories and was created for the Brooklyn Quilters Guild’s fourth outdoor fence show called Recycle Reuse Reimagine. Although the design of this quilt is very simple, it’s a bit more complicated than it seems. Watch the video to find out why!

BMQ YouTube Series – Ep. 30: Patchwork Memories

This quilt is called Patchwork Memories and was created for the Brooklyn Quilters Guild’s fourth outdoor fence show called Recycle Reuse Reimagine. This video takes you through the entire process of making this quilt, from initial idea to hand sewing the binding. Watch the video to find out why this quilt is very special to me!

BMQ YouTube Series – Ep. 29: Virtual Trunk Show #18

I call this set of three quilts Jane’s Feathered Friends. My mom commissioned this quilt to hang over my parents’ bed. I designed a set of three panels with appliquéed birds, branches, and leaves. Hopefully the viewer gets the feeling of looking out three narrow windows over the bed to see a tree full of happy singing birds. Watch the video to find out more about this quilt.

BMQ YouTube Series – Ep. 28: Virtual Trunk Show #17

This quilt was made for the Brooklyn Quilters Guild’s third outdoor quilt show that took place in October 2021. The theme of the show was “Come Together,” inspired by the Beatles song. I call this quilt Convergence. It is by far the most quilting I’ve ever done on a quilt, so I’m sure glad it was only 36″ by 36″! Watch the video to find out more details about how this quilt “came together.”

BMQ YouTube Series – Ep. 27: Virtual Trunk Show #16

Welcome to Camp Coy was commissioned by my friends David and Ryan as a gift for the person who officiated at their wedding. What an honor for me! This is a wall hanging for their friend’s home up in the Adirondacks. Be sure to watch the video to hear all of the details about this reverse applique quilt!

BMQ YouTube Series – Ep. 26: Virtual Trunk Show #15

This is my first t-shirt quilt, made from some of my husband’s MANY concert tees. I initially thought making a t-shirt quilt was going to be a huge pain, but it actually went very smoothly, especially once I figured out some tips I share in the video. So I guess that means you should watch the video to find out how this all came together! 😁

BMQ YouTube Series – Ep. 25: Virtual Trunk Show #14

This quilt was made for the Brooklyn Quilters Guild’s second fence show where the theme was Earth Day. I made his quilt to bring attention to the global water scarcity crisis, and so I named this quilt Scarcity. Please check out to learn more about this crisis that affects us all, whether we live in a water-rich or water-scarce area of the world.

BMQ YouTube Series – Ep. 24: Virtual Trunk Show #13

This quilt is called Enter the Dreaming. It was commissioned by my older brother and his wife for their king-sized bed. It is officially the largest quilt I’ve ever made at this point. I definitely need a larger workspace before I attempt something this size again! Watch the video to find out about all the details!

BMQ YouTube Series – Ep. 23: Virtual Trunk Show #12

I’ve made a few quilts this last year, so I’m starting up my virtual trunk show videos again. This video showcases a quilt I actually made in late 2019, but I wasn’t able to show it earlier because I didn’t have it in my possession when I was making my original trunk show videos. But never fear! Here it is now! I call this one Spectrogasmic Therapy. Watch the video to hear more about it!

BMQ YouTube Series – Ep. 21: Top Ten Tools

BLACK LIVES MATTER — Please click on the link to find out what you can do to help end the oppression and killing of our fellow human beings.

In this video, I show you some quilting tools that I kind of can’t live without. These are not the obvious ones like a sewing machine, rotary cutter, etc. These are tools that maybe you don’t absolutely need to make a beautiful quilt, but, man, do I find them super helpful! And rest assured I am not making any money in endorsements for these. (I mean, if someone wants to pay me for talking about their stuff, by all means, reach out. 😋) You can check out the links in the description section of the video to find out more about the items I discuss.