I have developed a few basic quilting classes that I would love to teach at your quilt shop, guild meeting, or any gathering of curious quilters. I’m also available for home visits if you want to learn how to quilt on your own machine or with a small group in the NYC metro area. Please contact me if you’re interested. And if you don’t see what you want below, I’m happy to discuss other possibilities.

In-home tutorials

Have you always wanted to make a quilt but need some guidance to get started? Have you been interested in taking a class but want to learn on your home machine? I offer in-home tutorials to the very beginner quilter as well as more specific techniques including improv piecing, curved piecing, free-motion quilting, and more. And if you are brand new to sewing, I’m happy to help you learn how to use your machine and start you on your sewing journey. Please fill out the Contact form on my website to get started. (In-home tutorials are for those living in the NYC metro area only.)

The following classes assume a basic understanding of machine sewing.

Improv Piecing class

Bring your scraps and let’s make some fabric magic! Improv piecing is a great way to get your creative juices flowing and let yourself create without boundaries. This class teaches basic improv piecing methods, including improv curves. This class will inspire you to use improv piecing in any of your future projects.

Free-motion Quilting class

If you know how to doodle on a piece of scratch paper, you already know how to free-motion quilt. This class will just teach you to “doodle” with your sewing machine instead! Free-motion quilting can be done on any home machine with any size quilt, so don’t be scared. We’ll start with the basic designs and work our way up, including my attempt to convince you to free-motion quilt your straight lines rather than use a walking foot. We’ll also discuss some ways to practice your FMQ skills without a machine whenever you have free time.

Make a Mini Quilt!

This is an introductory quilting class where you learn all of the steps involved in making a 20″ x 20″ quilt including a brief discussion about fabric selection, preparing fabrics, measuring and cutting, piecing techniques, creating the quilt sandwich, straight-line quilting with a walking foot, squaring up the quilt, and binding. Before the class begins, choose one of the following designs for the quilt top — Basic Patchwork, Fence Rail, or Log Cabin. All designs are precut friendly.

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